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Introductory Press Kit provides story synopsis, author's biography, back story and photos.

Provides first year accomplishments, events, market demographics and photos.

press releases

Oct. 28, 2013


Oct. 31, 2013​



Nov. 20, 2013




Dec. 5, 2013




Dec. 6, 2013




Mar. 1, 2015



Ascension Magazine, Jan. 2015


Broadway Book World.com, Dec. 2013


Elvis Express Radio, Dec. 2013


Elvis and His Music.com, Dec. 2013


Elvis Information Network, Dec. 2013


News.nom.co, Dec. 2013


The Financial Pulse, Dec. 2013


Biz Wire Express, Dec. 2013


Auto-Mobi.info, Dec. 2013

Ad Balla, Dec. 2013


PR-BG.com, Dec. 2013


Docstoc, Dec. 2013


The Advocate, Nov. 26, 2013


Louisiana State University School of Art


Pompadour, Nov. 2013


225 Magazine Weekender, Nov. 2013


City Social, Dec. 2013



WESH TV Orlando NBC Affiliate - see video below


WABF TV CBS Affiliate - click here

author's first copy

Few events are more exciting in the life of an author than receiving the first copy of their book hot off the presses.  To the poor UPS man who was tackled in the driveway, Kara humbly and profusely offered her apologies!

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