Elvis the Penguin was illustrated by the immensely talented Anne Lipsomb.

the illustrator

Anne Lipscomb is a student at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA, where she is working on her bachelor’s degree in art. She was accepted into the university’s Digital Art program, and plans to pursue a career in the field of storyboarding or animation. Anne has also studied drawing and print making in Florence, Italy.      


Elvis the Penguin was Anne’s first book to illustrate. The initial drawings of Elvis that she submitted as an applicant so completely captured his personality (and his pompadour) that she was the hands-down winner from a field of twenty-five others applying for the job.



Kara’s comments on Anne’s illustrations:


Working with Anne was a complete joy in every aspect. Not only did she have the raw, creative and technical talent to render the drawings, she brought to the project an intuitive understanding of each scene, and each character’s personality, that was truly amazing for such a young artist. 


She just instinctively got the story – its innocence, emotion and humor are evident in every drawing. She got Elvis’ sweetness and vulnerability, Lucy’s bossiness, Mario’s caginess, and the humor and silliness of the flock. And in most of the drawings, she added some whimsical detail that was so unexpected and delightful, yet so spot-on perfect for the scene, that she had me constantly holding my breath waiting to see what surprises her next drawing would hold.


Illustrating a book is much more difficult and complicated than most people realize. And without a doubt, Anne was not only up to the task, she surpassed every single one of my expectations.        


Our collaboration was a wonderful and enjoyable experience, and readers can anticipate seeing more of her work when more books in the Elvis the Penguin series are published.



Anne can be reached by email at anne@elvisthepenguin.com.

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