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Kirkus Review of Second Edition!


"A pompadour-touting penguin makes a bid for fame in Casanova’s zany, rollicking debut children’s book.


This quirky, upbeat, and undeniably fun children’s book is sure to make even the most reluctant Elvis fan want to join in and sing along. The author has a keen sense of humor, including zany touches such as a bad-boy gang of Bronx Zoo penguins and plot twists that reference the lyrics to Elvis Presley’s songs. Some of the pop-culture nods may be better understood by adults than by children, but the song snippets and the child-friendly backdrop of the zoo make this a perfect introduction to a bygone era of music history. 


A whimsical, heartfelt picture book about a little bird with a surprisingly big dream." - Kirkus Review 


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"I love the book. I think we could use it to promote anti-bullying in school whilst increasing children's knowledge about Elvis. There is so much humour in it which fits in well with the story. I love how you have dropped in all the little 'Elvisms' too. The illustrations are beautifully done too." - Phyllis Paterson, school teacher, UK


"My 10 year old son just loves your new book “Elvis The Penguin”. He took it in his room yesterday and read it cover to cover! (He’s never done that before.) When he finished, he proceeded to tell me and his mom the whole story! I think you have a fan!" - Russ Howe, parent and owner of The King's Ransom, Las Vegas, NV

"I just read my copy, and I have to say it is fantastic!!  My favorite characters are the penguins from the Bronx Zoo who speak with a heavy accent! "'Tru my connections, I got yous the next best thing!" -- so fun!  This was a great adventure book!  Kara, you rock and I look forward to many more books from you!  Everyone with children will enjoy this book." - Traci Hoopingarner

"I got my "Elvis the Penguin" book yesterday!!!  I have read it and I love it!!!  I love Elvis's Pompadour and Smoldering Eyes!" - Patty Wedge



"Being an Elvis fan since 1958, I would have to say this is the cutest book...This is typically a children's book but I. as an adult and a Grandmother, simply loved it....This is a very heart-warming story about a little penguin who was given the name Elvis and wanted to follow in his namesake's footsteps.. Elvis incredible journey to fulfill his dreams makes this a very delightful book." - Sumiko Parkey



"What a creative, whimsical, fun book! I can't wait to watch my son, who has autism, lose himself in this book as I know he will, being a big fan of both Elvis and of penguins. I'm sure we will be buying more to share with others." - Jeana Beck



This is such a delightful and heartwarming story about a penguin named Elvis, who has to overcome many obstacles in his quest to become as famous as his namesake. I just love this book and cannot wait to give a copy to my grandchildren. It will help teach them that success doesn't come easily. Can't wait to see where this little penguin's next adventure will take him !!!! - Patricia Gill



"Elvis the Penguin is a really likable wholesome character with the moves to boot. I love that he is different and that is how he finds his 'place' and 'purpose' in life; he even works things out with all the other characters, even the nefarious (bully-ish) ones using music instead of violence. I enjoyed reading the book and know many mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers who would love to share this book with their children and grandchildren along with their opportunity to reminisce about some oldies but goodies!" - Amy Dellinger



"Introducing my 2 year old Granddaughter to Elvis and besides playing Elvis's music when she 's around, I have read ELVIS THE PENGUIN to her and she loves the book! Very cute and fun to read. Hope Kara will be writing a new book soon!" - Richard Ellis



"I absolutely loved this book and the illustrations complimented the story perfectly. It made me laugh out loud.  Thank you Thank you very much Kara Casanova for such a delightful read!" - Susan Sproull



"Fantastic book which will teach children not to judge a person on their looks. And for adults, it's also a delight to read, thanks to Kara Casanova's wonderful writing and Ann Lipscomb's beautiful drawings. The perfect gift whether you are an Elvis fan or not!" - Lavavoune



"This book and this author are great! Ordered the book this last week - the order was placed one day and shipped out the next...now that's customer service!! And yes this book is based on the musical icon of America we should be proud of, Elvis...but this isn't just a book for an Elvis fan or even just a book for someone of a certain age, because we could all use the reminder that being different or breaking out of the "normal" mold of life doesn't have to be seen as something to be afraid of or bad. It's actually something that can change the world for something good and what person can't get into that? :) love this book and can't wait to give the one I ordered as a gift but to also get it for myself!!"

 - Jyo111483

Now in a revised, Second Edition!

Because dreams, and dreamers, come in all shapes and sizes!

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